Thursday, November 12, 2015


There is no better time to be alive than now
Take in
Whatever you can
But never forget
To make room for sunshine
Or moonshine
Or whatever it is that makes you

There is no better time
To believe in the impossible than now
But don’t forget to make room for rest
Or laughter
Or whatever it is that makes you

There is no better time to be alive than now

No better way to live 
than to love


for you. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Leave me to my thoughts
I can sort them out
one by one,
like peeling onions

Let me cry
not for you
but for this misfortune
of being in love with you
and being quiet about it

Leave me to my words
until I find the right
for love
without having to break down
this safe haven 
we have called 

It is disastrous how 
in our fear of losing what we have
we kill
that thing that keeps us alive.

for you, yes you. 

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Believe in Love

Believe in love
The kind that will wake you up every morning
And tell you “You’re worth it”
Because it means he paid a price to be where he was
Right there beside you
Because you’re worth something
Maybe not someone’s everything


You are surely worth that 3-minute phone call everyday
Or those two minutes for every 5 hours
Or those 30 seconds of each hour
Just to find out how you are

You’re  worth those 10 steps of agony he walked towards your front door
Or that 6-hour tiresome bus-ride
Or those ten thousand miles across the oceans
Just to be with you

You’re worth those 5 more years of bachelorhood he had to cut short
Or those 265 Friday night he won’t be showing up at the bar
Or those lazy Saturday plans he had to give up to help you with the laundry
For. The. Rest. Of. His. Life.

You’re worth every book he had to close every night
Every fight he needs to concede from
And every ounce of pride he needs to swallow

And maybe, you will need to wait a little longer
Or maybe, each one who’ll come along will tell you
your expectations are absurd
And maybe at one point you will believe them
But believe otherwise
Because  this I know:
"There many mediocre things in life to deal with 
and love should not be one of them."

Believe in love
The kind that will wake you up in the morning and tell you
“You’re worth it”
But also, hold on to it
for you to say
“No, YOU are worth it!”

 For Hanako

Note: Quote from Tiffanie De Bartolo 

Monday, October 5, 2015


I had no idea it wasn’t going to be the last time I would say goodbye
On that cold January afternoon
When my heart was gloomier
Than the rain clouds that were heavy, dark
And could burst with the anger of Niagara
By just a flutter of a dove.

I had no idea that it wasn’t  the last time
I would look at clouds that way
I had no idea Rob Thomas could sing
Until that day
When he kept telling me  I was "Unwell"
And that it was the "Mad Season"

But, I also had no idea that I can be that strong
That I can lift three large luggage with two hands
My heart, the heaviest.

I had no idea that I would not need a warm body beside me
Or that ice cream tastes better than non-fat yoghurt
Or how liberating it is to eat
And actually enjoy it.

I had no idea we could be friends
Or that after years of fruitlessly trying to get rid of you,
I will need you
I had no idea your voice can be comforting
At a time of need
I had no idea it could be you I would need

I had no idea it could be very hard to keep you out
Or that I carved a place in my heart where only your initials fit
I had no idea that after  years, they still fit.

I had no idea that I will make a career out of saying goodbye
Or that I would find exit signs comforting
But I also had no idea that breaking-up was the easiest part
Leaving was the hardest. 

It still is. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello, Stranger
what brings you here?

the baggage
the duffle luggage
and your dusty feet

the crease
the unease
and the frown in your face

Hello, Stranger
you must have come a long way

you hummed
a melancholic song
with words strong

you talked in haste
you said you don't waste
words you draw with grace

Hello, Stranger
You make me interested

you offered your hand
in the street we danced
while the music played inside our head

i saw you smile
i stared at your eyes
while clouds of dust enveloped us

Stranger you are no longer

but the swirling led me to fear
and the staring
to tears

and the music died
still, we danced in strides
till i saw your luggage piled

Hello, Stranger
You must be going somewhere

so i complained about my foot
so this dance
won't take root

i stared into the sky
not your eyes
so i won't cry

Stranger dragged his foot and his luggage
put back his frown and hum melancholics
then, walked East

at least
my name

He walked farther, i stood still
to each other we remained

*sometime in 2010

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Grew Up Loving A Boy

I grew up loving a boy. He was a brother, a friend, a protector, a cushion to all things harmful. He was my spy to the mysterious boy-world. He was a constant. A daily companion. We walked home together everyday, like that in pocketbooks. Together, we discovered what juvenile love was like – tingly and hurried. And we both assured each other that those we love were the exact people we were going to end up with.

I grew up loving a boy. He did not turn out the way I thought he would. But he was there at every turn of the year.  In every city we moved into we always found a way to bridge the gaps. We randomly popped up in each other’s thoughts. Like that time when he was robbed.,and the only way he could send a letter to the girl he liked was to send it through me. We liked writing letters. And those were the only written contracts of the friendship that was meant to hold out until forever. Whether we liked it or not , we were going to be best friends– that was the binding clause.

I grew up loving a boy. That was the problem. He was a boy. In between random phone calls and failed attempts at love, we found ourselves consciously needing each other. PMS days were no longer threatening. Insecurities had to take a back seat. For years, we have been looking for love elsewhere except in that space between us. And so, we filled up the space with  NBA nights and drawing maps at the back of our hands.Love.

I loved a boy. Who loved outdoors, more than my boring talks. He easily made friends while I watched him from my window. He would drop a popsicle to catch a ball. He was interesting in many ways, entertaining to those who were drawn to his stories. He liked to build castles and dreams. But, he neglected to gather the courage to fight for his dreams…for me. He was but a boy, what did I expect.

I grew up. We grew apart. I loved that boy. 

He is a grown man now. He builds castles and fights for them. Draws dreams and wakes up to make them happen. He will soon sign a contract that says "for better or for worse"- a binding clause. Indeed, no longer a boy. 

I grew up loving a boy. The boy grew up. And that boy no longer loves me. 

p.s. I am so happy I am back to writing. Thank you Lang Leav and Seye. :D