Sunday, November 28, 2010


I pray to God you would know the truth.
I pray to God he would reveal to you the truth.
because it tears me now everyday
to hear you say:

"She just walked away"

Do you know,
I now fight wounded?
I now live with only half a heart?
I now sing with a half-finished song?

Do you know,
I can no longer finish my poems?

It pains me to hear you say:

"Phew!!! She just walked away!!"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hometown Hero

You strut the streets
like you own the town
and they come buzzing
to offer you a crown

you drop a word
only what you can afford
hiding fear
behind your sword

i heard you are the best of them
conquering kingdoms
with one arm
and a pen

i heard you led enemies to death
drawing owed breath
with a song
and a string

but your eyes
your eyes
they know not
how to lie

and my heart
my heart
has mastered
your art

that amidst this dancing
and ladies lain waiting
this chanting and swooning
of your homecoming

is a heart that longs
for the peace of the night
a heart that longs
to live right
just alright

i refuse to listen to the crowd
i sit proud
here by my window
covered in a shroud

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Secret Love

Love abundant

Kept in secret


Like burning coal

Never flaming

Slowly turning

To gray ashes

That will eventually

Be blown by the wind

Friday, November 12, 2010


you are to me
A miracle
you will always be
A miracle
brought us close
A miracle
entwined our souls
A miracle
will make us see
This miracle
between you and me

A miracle

It will take a miracle

a miracle

to set us free

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wrong Song

You sang me a melody
it ended with a broken chord
or was it I
who heard it wrong?

My ears must have tuned
to the wrong song

By The Way

By the way

I forgot to say

I love the sight

Of you devouring porkchops

I love to stare at your feet

And your crooked teeth

I love your sarcastic laugh

And that crease on your face

By the way

I forgot to say

Don’t look at me the way you do

I start to melt away

Everytime you turn your back

A part of me

With you is stuck

And by the way

I regret to say

My heart sinks

every time you walk away

and when you are around

I fasten myself to the ground

scared to be displaced again

by your electrifying presence

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My November

It wasn't long ago
when I was lonely
and I met a soul

It wasn't long ago
when i watched the scene change
by my window
unsuspecting November

It wasn't long ago
when my world was changed
cold November

It wasn't long ago
when love visited me
beautiful November

month before
this November

It wasn't long ago
you must now have an idea
how it is
how it has been
and how lonely it will be