Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dear Mr. Here

Take my hand
I wont cling
Nor fling
I can be entertaining
But I don’t sing
I bring
Good things
Words on a string
(though sometimes they sting)
Jokes that swing
Ideas with a *twing*
I wear no bling
But I wont ask for a ring
Just sing
There’s a man
I’m taking
A shot at forgetting
I winked
And started to sink
Im not looking
For a love unending
Just need a mending
So I could tweet
And be trending
And get a following
And be posting
Of hands holding
Eyes twinkling
Bodies clinging
To the envy
Of people watching
Hating Talking
Of this thing
Going on in between
Not a fling
And I won’t cling
(they call me the exit queen)
Will you be my temporary king?

Take my hand

If you love
string things
I can't risk my heart
for another breaking
so, NO
i can't be available
for taking
on the other hand
they don't call me Venus
for nothing