Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sweet Love

You lay me out in the sunlight
The water kissed my toes and the shore
your hands hold me like pearls
and your stares pare me to the core

till sunset's gaze dissolve us two
you lock me in
you never let go

we become one with the shore

oh love
sweet love
Dont let go, dont let go
i couldnt go through this night
without your arms
ending my fight
rescue me from this cruel night

oh love
sweet love

you didnt see the scar in my eyes
the love it has known is bitter to the bone
my soul has finally taken back its shape
my heart has finally unveiled the drape

Kevin Max sang "on and on
We'll dance until the song is off the radio"
I'll go dance with you till my feet stumble
till you eyes get tired and my name
you couldnt even mumble

oh love
Sweet love

take me now to your island
own me, be mine
just be mine, you'll be fine
i will end your battles
your troubles untangled

oh love
sweet love

there's no better night than this
only you and me in this island of bliss
hold me till im awakened
by sunlight's real kiss

Originally Posted: 12/5/2008