Sunday, January 23, 2011

7 Things and The Day

The lovely Jaycee of Light A Lamp awarded me the "Stylish & Versatile Blogger" award. Thanks Jaycee, it is wonderful to be tagged as such. *big smile* I have already thanked her for the award so I guess this is the part where I am suppose to write 7 things about myself.

The Seven Things:

1. Musicals. I love musicals. When I was 11, I starred as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz at a school play and since then I loved watching and doing musicals. My all time favorite of course is The Phantom of the Opera. I remember after watching (three times in the movie theater) the film version of The Phantom of the Opera, I went singing my way in class. I gave test instructions in songs. My kids went crazy...some, disturbed. I also love musical animated films. Dhjax said something about singing A Whole New World when he was young. Alladin, is one of my favorite animated musicals. And of course, who doesnt like GLEE?

Oh, I also directed a few musical productions when I was still teaching at a Chinese school.

2. Dance. I love dances/dancing/to dance. Again,it started when I was young and in school, when we were required to do the folk dances. I enjoyed it very much that I was always one of the dancers chosen to enter contests. In college, I wanted to join the dance troupe but my father strongly resented. He said he said he doesn't want me to inherit the 'dance club culture'. So I went to tell my cousin I want to form a 'Dance for Jesus' club instead.

Though I loved dancing I never tried it in club or a disco house. And I have only danced to perform...and none of those slow dances. Lately, I just go "ooh" and "aaah" over those dancers I see on tv. I will ask God for a chance to dance again :)

The other day, I saw on TV a feature on Macau, and you know what caught my eye? A theater showing "The Dancing Water"!!! I drooled o! Again, I will bend my knees for a chance to see it. May cost a fortune, but hey, my DAD is rich he owns the patent for water. Which btw, brings us to the third thing about me.

3. Water. Looking at bodies of water is therapy to me. I love the beach. Maybe it is because that i grew up living beside the seashore or maybe, the water was just really made to be therapeutic. Everyday, when I go to the center, I pass through two bridges, which means I see two 'waterforms'. It excites me all the time.

By the way, uhhmmm, I don't know how to REALLY swim.

4. Books. Books are equivalent to comfort food for me. Oh wait, maybe a little less than comfort food (I'm a cheeseburger-fries eater when I'm down). Some people shop for shoes, some for bags, I like to spend my money (which is not really a lot) on books.When I go to a bookstore and I see a book I can't buy yet, I write the title down on my planner and save up for it. I also enjoy going to second hand booktores. In fact, most of my treasured books are from there. I like the idea of reading a book that was pre-owned. Sometimes, the previous owners make markings on the pages which always arouse my interest. I have practiced highlighting the parts that 'affect' me most. I'm thinking of passing on these books to my children and grandchildren. Wouldn't it be exciting for them to find out 'why' i highlighted a certain part of the book?

Oh, I can count with my fingers the fiction/novels I've read. I don't read a lot of them but one I loved is Myne's "A Heart To Mend". I think everyone should go read her.

5. Stories. I'm a story-teller. A hard-core storyteller. In fact, if I leave everything I'm doing now, I can carve a career and a company out of being a storyteller. In fact, I've been 'offered' to do so. But, well, explains why. Kids are mostly my favorite clients.

Give me an audience and I'd give you a show. My only capital is my voice and my limitless imagination, which are all by the way, not MINE. Seriously, this storytelling/public speaking thing is what I enjoy most. And I believe, God is paving my way to His STAGE where I get to tell people of His love.

6. Rats. I.CAN NOT. STAND. THEM. In fact, I will not even try to explain why.

Writing this post is so much harder than I thought. Whew!!

So my seventh is:
7. CNN/BBC/ AL Jazeera. No, you wouldn't hear me give loud opinions on world politics or some other issues. But I love to keep up with what's happening to the rest of the world. It is humbling to realize that my troubles are too small yet I whine like I want the world to stop turning. Really, when I watch CNN, I see that this existence is not about ME.

I wanted to write POETRY as one of the 7 things but hey, I don't want to state the obvious. Hehe!

Your rough hands
held mine
and I experienced
the Divine

Who brought us here
Who called us here
Who made us stitch continents
to be here

Your whispers
are close
seeps down
to my toes

that walked on mountains
and lapped oceans
fought lions, bee stings
and trojans

Hear me
tell you today
"From this time,
I am never walking away"

Darling, this day
is never too far away

p.s. I wanted to tag 15 people but I see everyone's already doing it. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Was it 9 and 2?

When I was seven
(or was it 2 and 7?)
I had my usual day at the shore
Drew some stick pictures
On that gray sandy floor

I tried
Sunsets, corals
Blue whales, and castles
But they never came close
Because they were stick figures

Then I heard a splash
And a laugh by the water
The mimic of a tweet
Calling sea gulls, larks
From the skyline, their high street

He was a boy of 5
(or was it 2 and 5?)
He looked the sand and the figures
He made out the blue whales, the sunsets
The corals and the castles

He built a castle in 3D
He made whale sounds like that in Dolby
He drew fishes around my corals
We played until the sun set
And night blanketed us

Then the moon came out
Painting the sea silver
We held out breaths together
Held hands
Our eyes were on her

Then we remembered

We exhaled our drunkenness from the moon
Fled to opposite directions
Left the blue whales, the corals
And the water-torn
Sand castle

We disappeared into the night
I heard him shout
“Tomorrow again, at 2!!”
(or was it 92?)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beautiful Moon

on my coldest night
a new moon was in sight
i basked under its glory
traced the edges of its beauty

my coldest night
turned into a fight
between wanting the moon in sight
and owning the pain of this night

so i said to the moon
" stay lovely
stay bright
keep visiting my nights
outshine me
illumine me
help me win my fights
whatever happens
don't leave your sky -
you're warming my night"

This is from my 'vault'. It has been posted before in one of my other blogs. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Reset and Re-Write

In 2011, I plead for consistency in things. Mostly, in those that are beneficial like, work, good habits, healthy eating and patience. Yes, I plead for God to give me consistency in being patient. My patience is erratic thus, I blew off most of those things and relationships that are precious to me until today. I don't know God's ways but I know it will cost me some things.

I am a work in progress, as most people are. If you disagree with me, dig up your journals or your past blog entries and you wont contest. I just did. Rereading journal entries is a gravity pull, drowning me with humility. Really, one cannot boast of anything in his/her life except the miracle that God creates in him/her everyday.

I started writing on my journal when I was 14. Although it wasn't a daily thing, I wrote on a regular basis. It was one thing I looked forward to doing every single day (if i can). The one thing I was most consistent about. It was in my journals that my love for poetry was birthed.

Recently though, my entries were scanty. Blame it on blogging. Blame it on the non-essentials I carved a niche for. Blame it on TV. Oh no, blame ME. Most times, it was an effort to not write on my journal because there are things that I opted not to be 'inked'. I rather that they remain in my memory..that way they stand a chance at being forgotten.

We all want bad memories to NOT be remembered, right?

I wanted to. But a paradigm shift has brought me to think differently. Bad memories do not remain bad if the purpose why it happened has come to fulfillment. So now, I have the desire to write all memories that I could, good and bad because I want to see it unfold into a beautiful story. I have this belief that our lives are not lived just for our own benefits. Our lives are stories to some people that would encourage them to live.

One of my closest friends gives me books each special occasion. Seriously, most of the books in my rack are from her. This year, I was eager to get another one from her. But this year at Christmas, she wrapped two pretty journals for me and wrote in her dedication, "No books for you this year. It is time you start writing yours." I was moved to tears.

In 2010, I was close to giving up writing. But I guess that is why God gave men wisdom to design the calendar, so that people will have that tangible reminder that they can start all over again.

When 2011 ticked, I was put on Reset. That's why my journals are ready. It is time I Re-Write.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


60 seconds after 12
i whispered a prayer

thanking God
for 60 seconds of each minute with you
for 60 minutes of each hour for you

asking God
for 60 glances each 60 minutes
for 60 weekends each year with you

60 years plus 2
I'd be 92, darling
by then, I would already have found you