Thursday, October 25, 2012

There Isn't Much to Write (about you)

You laugh
There isn’t much to sing about
So you laugh
At my clumsy thoughts
and fearful dreams
of elderly primigravida

You sing
There isn’t much to talk about
So you sing
Through the night
Against the sound of the rain
And the beating of my heart

You talk
There isn’t much to dream about
So you talk
About your big plans
And your odd passion
For feathers and flowers

You dream
There isn’t much to laugh about
So you dream
Of lazy weekends,
Of Tea nights and strolls
And waking up to bacon and rolls


I laugh
There isn’t much to write about
So I laugh
At this man under the moon
Making me sing silly songs
And write this pointless poem

Friday, October 19, 2012

Love is (Random Thoughts)


Love is too big
two grown up hearts could not contain it
But, it can also be small enough to fit right
in that tiny slit
between two clasped hands.

Love is too funny
Too funny you could cry!

Love can be too quiet
You wouldn’t know it is there
But it can also be too loud
You can hear it
Even before a word is spoken

Love is too fast
Sometimes, it goes away too soon
Or it can be too slow
It moves like
It is walking on the moon

Love is too smart
It knows how to distract you
But, it can also be too naïve
It cannot tell when one is lying

Love is too elusive,
you can trail the world and not find it.
but, you also can’t escape it
when it waits at your doorstep every single day
wearing a manly scent
or holding a broken toy

Love is too strong,
it can bind two families together
but it can also be too weak
it needs to be sheltered
to grow
for nine months
(or sometimes less)
inside the womb

Love has no price tag
But when love tags you
God knows
how much you will pay for it
He knows. Literally.