Friday, April 29, 2011

Love is A Force

One of the best writers (in my opinion) i look up to is my cousin Sherl. I wrote about her love story here: If It Ain't Love it Ain't Grand. She recently wrote a poem describing her own love journey..and how, in November, it will end and yet begin another chapter at the altar. So, in the hype of the Royal Wedding, I found it fit to post this love-filled poem. Enjoy!

Love is A Force ( A Love Letter)

There once was a man

Who got in a jam

For the girl he once had

Broke his heart pretty bad.

So the man went about

Looking for ‘the one’ like a scout

Dated some gurl who was stout (haha!)

Found his soul still in drought.

There once was a girl

Who got in a swirl

For the man whose arms she had furled

Caused her weary heart to get hurled.

So the girl went away

Watching out for the happy and gay

Dated some guy who was lame

Found herself tired of the game.

But the man found a chance

In what begun as a glance

The bugs in his gut made a dance

Oh how he was in a trance!

But the girl was too evil

She donned the cloak of a rebel

The bugs in her heart were on level

Oh how she tried to only be civil!

Though the man fell from his high horse,

The girl owed him a sevenfold remorse

My Venus always says ‘Love is a force.’

Try as you may, you cant alter its course.

And so came the laughter and tears

The moments piled on, counted in years

The man and the girl swallowed their fears

And the bells will all be what one hears.

Hard may be the road,

In the walk toward the “have and to hold”

And long may be the wait,

For the name imprinted on our fate

One thing I am sure

In love and affection I will never be poor

It’s funny how I call you baby,

But you’re the best man for a lady.

And lady lady, I might never ever be (haha)

But you sure as hell ought to marry me!

- Sherlin Camacho

P.S. (So, I really need to turn the words My Venus into red, huh! hahaha! ) The photo above was taken during her Pre-Nup Shoot. She decided to take a weekend off and do her pre-nup at our province so she could be on my birthday. :D

Monday, April 25, 2011

Do You Know?

Look at me
Stand up and look me in the eye


Do you know I remember the first night we met?
And the nights after
When you kept saying hi?

Do you know I remember the first Christmas you called?
When I didnt remember
I gave you my number?

Do you know I remember the day you said ‘I love you SO MUCH?”
And I said, “thank you”
I thought it was really much

Do you know I remember asking you many times
What you mean by it
Coz you said it all the time?

Do you know I remember that you didn’t explain?
That you just think I’d dismiss it
And reasons would be vain?

Do you know I believed it with all my heart?
That I knew I was playing
A game with Art?

Do you know I believed all your explanations?
When I tried to run away
Because I couldn’t understand our situation?

Do you know I tried to un-love you?
But I reasoned with myself
Saying love is me

Do you know I never doubted you?
Do you know I appreciated every word you said?
Do you know I treasured all our conversations?

Do you know I remember your Valentine poem?
Do you remember saying it was for me?
Did you have a change of heart so fast?

Do you know I was in love with you?
Do you remember telling me if you were too?
Do you know I knew you weren’t?

Do you know I just wanted one answer?
You only had to choose
Between Yes and No

Do you know I held no anger?
Do you know I blamed no one?
Do you know I accepted defeat?

Do you know how it feels like to be made a fool?
Do you know I felt it?
Do you know I never blamed anyone for it?

Do you know I was determined to stay quiet?
Do you know someone you love talked me out of it?
Do you know I just couldn’t care?

Do you know I am now numb towards you?

Do you know the reason why I am writing this?
Do you know that if you say Yes
I still wouldn’t rest my case?

If you know
Stand up and look at me in the eye
If you know
let me know


i write in suppressed anger

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gravediggers We Have Become

we gave names to our dead
no, not names
codes, numbers
to represent our blunders

we planted daisies by the plot
to cover the dreadful
remembrance of the dead
an embarrassment to the living

we engraved lines on stones
dirges, odes and poems
and passers-by notice
only the craftsmanship

by day we ride our horses to town
telling stories of those we buried
and the crowds shed tears
only of laughter

(we have successfully spun
tragedy into comedy)

But by nightfall…

we found pleasure in digging up graves
pits we dug ourselves
to bury what was meant for the soil
and the worms to feast upon

Gravediggers we have become
With a pen for a spade and a sad song
Bringing above ground
The rotting silent corpses

(And each night
They grew smaller
and less pungent)

But by each daybreak
when our bodies are tired of the digging
we surrender to sleep
the dirt, our easy beds

(and when the sun is high
we ride to town again
and by nightfall
we dig some more)


if only we saw the crosses
we sculpted on each grave
we wouldn’t have grown old
sleeping on dirt, and with calloused hands

photo not mine. taken from here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Turning Thirty: Brewed, Brushed, Bolder..Older

When I stop and trace the path back to the day I started the last decade, I could see stone memorials along the way. In my opinion, the 20-30 decade is when most life changing decisions are made. At least, that’s what happened to me. One doesn’t come out of this decade just ten years older. You come out brewed, brushed and bolder…and yes, ooooolder. My, you wouldn’t believe ten years could make such difference.

To illustrate my point, I will compare the 20-30 decade with the 10-20 decade.

When I was 10, I was in school. When I turned 20, I was STILL in school.

When I was 10, I lived off my parents income. WhenI turned 20, I was STILL living off their income.

When I was 10, I dreamed of being swooned by a good guy. When I turned 20, I was STILL dreaming.

When I was 10, I looked forward to growing up. When I turned 20, I was STILL looking forward to it.

And then, there’s the 20 – 30 decade.

Between 20 and 30, I’ve worked in more than 2 schools.

Between 20 and 30, I’ve had 6 jobs.

Between 20 and 30, I’ve made money. Sometimes, not much.

Between 20 and 30, I’ve lived in 5 different cities.

Between 20 and 30, I’ve fallen in love 3 times. Apparently, fell out 3 times too.

Those things BREWED me.

Between 20 and 30, I earned a college diploma with flying colors.

Between 20 and 30, I worked as a Moderator of Co-curricular activities in a school and that’s where my talents welled up.

Between 20 and 30, I had countless stage-time that stirred my passion for public speaking.

Between 20 and 30, I won my first Speech title.

Between 20 and 30, I met 80% of the people I truly consider friends right now.

Between 20 and 30, I wrote poems and I allowed strangers to read them. I even wrote poems for strangers.

Between 20 and 30, I learned to love my hair.

Between 20 and 30, I gained all the weight I don’t need right now.

Between 20 and 30, I was educated by the best mentors, not in the classroom.

Between 20 and 30, I found my calling.

Those things BRUSHED my rough edges. (although I don’t really know how the weight and the hair fit in that category)

Now that I am 30, I am BOLDER.

Bold enough to take captive my own emotions just because they aren’t helping me.

Bold enough to walk away from what is good towards what is best.

Bold enough to fight for joy in the midst of suffering.

Bold enough to tell myself I am wrong.

Bold enough to let strangers invade my personal space because they don’t have any place they can call their own.

Bold enough to stand on a promise though the promise-keeper is frail.

Bold enough to keep standing on a promise made.

Bold enough to accept I have been wronged.

Bold enough to not hide my crushed pride.

Bold enough to say “Here I am, send me.

Bold enough to admit I am never enough, no, not even for myself. Someone lives for me.

Bold enough to accept GRACE.

But if I am bold enough it is only because ... I hide beneath the CROSS.

To see my 10-20-30 transformation, see my other BLOG.

p.s. Oh, yeah…older too. Old enough to start a family, but

no one is bold enough to start it with me. Keeeeed-ing!!!