Monday, March 15, 2010


My dearest,

its hard to see you sad. I wish i could be the same to you as i was in the past.. vibrant...clumsy... enthusiastic... LIFE. But darling, things are diffrent now.

I watched Dear John last weekend and i cried buckets. I thought about you. I suddenly missed you so bad that i wished i could tell you how much. But i know i couldnt.

Sometimes, i fear that I would lose you. If 'letters' is the only bridge that gets me to you, what will happen now that I CANT WRITE to you? its hard. it gets harder everyday.

But there is only one thing i know: If GOD who made this universe brought us together... he will surely bring us together again...if our story doesnt end here.

i miss you. I never lack the longing to be with you... but for now, we shall be STRANDED.

i love you still. You may not have heard me say this for a long time now...but my silence has not changed that fact.. not a single bit.

I remain...yours.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


You probably wonder why I left just like that. Or, you might be already used to me leaving at any random moment that you don’t attempt to see the logic anymore in this.

Darling, as of the moment, i will let God explain to you why. I will keep mum and let God’s time and arrangements defend me.

Its only been two days, but I find my nights empty. I am always half asleep, as if half of my body is else where, seeking to be beside you. The distance now is made larger. It is painful.

But soon, we would be in one vast land, unseparated by water.

And sooner, I will walk your soil, and sit under your shadows. I will breathe the air you breathe and sing your song in your ears.

We will sit beside each other and look at the blue ocean… yours not mine. I will giggle at your orange soil and you will squirm at the sight of my dusty feet. Yes, they look like ginger slabs.

We wouldn’t be looking at the moon. Your face and my face are too much beauty to behold.

I will trace the vein marks on your right forearm. I have always wanted to touch them from afar.

I believe you and I will be together… soon. I just wait for God to make that arrangement.

Baby, I love you…. And I miss you now more than ever.

I remain … yours.