Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello, Stranger
what brings you here?

the baggage
the duffle luggage
and your dusty feet

the crease
the unease
and the frown in your face

Hello, Stranger
you must have come a long way

you hummed
a melancholic song
with words strong

you talked in haste
you said you don't waste
words you draw with grace

Hello, Stranger
You make me interested

you offered your hand
in the street we danced
while the music played inside our head

i saw you smile
i stared at your eyes
while clouds of dust enveloped us

Stranger you are no longer

but the swirling led me to fear
and the staring
to tears

and the music died
still, we danced in strides
till i saw your luggage piled

Hello, Stranger
You must be going somewhere

so i complained about my foot
so this dance
won't take root

i stared into the sky
not your eyes
so i won't cry

Stranger dragged his foot and his luggage
put back his frown and hum melancholics
then, walked East

at least
my name

He walked farther, i stood still
to each other we remained

*sometime in 2010