Monday, November 12, 2012

Sweet Contentment


I sing an old song
About the time that could have been
The night of all nights
Cut out from a dream.
But words weren’t mine
And courage wasn’t yours
So we dropped the hands of time
And turned love into stone

But you don’t listen


You sing an old pop song
About flying birds without a home
While you count lamp posts
As we move along.
You talk about the weather
I decided it will always be sunny on my side
But you see the clouds before they gather
You tell me I need to run for cover

But I don’t listen


I laugh at your cynicism
I tickle your pride
I tell you how I love
The dark ocean inside your eyes.
I smell spring when I’m with you
I say words that don’t rhyme
And tonight I find sweet contentment
Resting by your side.
(Even though it is a moonless night)