Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This is Not a Poem

I have spooled thoughts of you
And shove them to the side

But I find myself now
Unraveling the threads
Of text messages
And conversations
That I labeled

I heard rumors
Dressed in humor
And we dismiss them
 “No comment”

You laugh at them
and you squirm
with indignation
you say
“No way!”

I laugh at them
And I squirm
At your indignation
And say to myself
“No chance”

I dismiss the rumors
With humor
Dragged a Cat by the door
And say
No more

Today, I unraveled the threads
Of messages and moments
And found
No hints

Like in 500 Days of Summer.
I’m looking back again
And see hints of
No interest

And so I write these lines
springing from whatever 
or maybe from that spool 
and i label it
"Not a poem"