Sunday, August 28, 2011


I will go on a week break. I'm attending a conference in Singapore and would like to have my mind focused on it. :)

See yah!

Day 7 - Pet Peeves

This is hard.

I find identifying Pet Peeves hard because usually, you don't notice them. I know I get annoyed many times about many things but I dont usually catch myself annoyed (I always feels like things are normal...hahaha) not until my sister tells me that I am. Or...when she raises her voice at me for raising my voice at someone, or at her (most times..haha) about something that irritates me.

So, I took this very quiet (and painful) introspection about my pet peeves:

  1. Open Cabinets. I don't like seeing the cabinets being left open. There were times when my sister would get something from the closet, leave it open and then goes back to her desk to work. I would have that strange feeling that the closet would swallow me whole. hahaha!
  2. Guys trying hard to act like a guy. Well, all the more they tell me that they're gay. If you are a guy, you don't have to prove to me that you are. You just be.
  3. Extreme Introverts. I get annoyed with silent kids. It so tiring to talk to them. I get more annoyed by silent people. I feel like the burden to start the conversation would always be on me. (Btw, I am working on this one. I am with kids most times and more and more quiet people are drawn to me. It has now become a responsibility.hehehe!)
  4. Chipped-off Nail Polish. Ugh! I even annoy myself when I put on nail polish and then it chips off. That is why, I keep a bottle of nail polish remover handy.

I can only remember four.

Enjoy your day!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 6 - Thankful for Mainstream Music

Jewel. If not for mainstreaming, her music would have not reached my little island almost 15 years ago when she released her first album. I am a bit choosy when it comes to music. I enjoy only a few genres. Recently, a friend who is into the music of the 80s hypnotized me. I particularly love Mike Francis, whose effort to go mainstream didnt go well (i think!).

But to consider the latest pop artists? Ugh!

Am a 'lyricist'. I get lost somewhere when I listen to their songs. Empty statements! Just plain combination of words. I won't even start mentioning examples.

So, yeah, I appreciate mainstream music but I believe there are some artists out there, whose music are just bouncing off on a 4-cornered studio that can outbeat most of these popular ones!

Note: Image from here.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 5 - Things You Want to Say to an Ex

Dear ****,

I think you've already heard everything from me. You may forget all the things I've said, but please, choose to remember this : "We may try everything else, but God knows, we are best at being friends!"

I said that on your birthday, right?


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 4 - Bullet Your "Not-so-regular" Day

Today is August 24, 2011, a Wednesday. Here's what happened:
  • 7.45 ++ Woke up at the sound of iron hitting concrete. There is a long-due renovation going on in the house.

  • 8.00 Coffee and Bible: I read Numbers 4. I don't know NOW but someday I will understand why I needed to read it.

  • 8.30++ Checked mails and did a quick Facebook round

  • 9.00++ Wrote a speech for a friend. I volunteered to be the ghost writer for my friend who was to deliver a message on the opening of Phil. Normal University's Foundation week. We were classmates during our freshman year. The speech title was "Talents: Motivate. Multipy. Magnify"

  • 12:00 Lunch. Mother was in a very agitated mood. Some important documents were missing. Her superior was out of town. My dad is her superior thus, the agitation.

  • 1.30++ Wrote the Introduction to my friend who was going to deliver the speech I just mentioned a while ago. My sister who takes units in that Uni was assigned to introduce him. She asked me to write an introduction. So, you see the oddity of this situation? I wrote the introduction to the speaker who was to deliver the speech I wrote. hahaha!

  • 2.45++ Quick Nap

  • 3.15++ Reading

  • 4.00 Went to Philippine Normal University (PNU)for the Opening Ceremonies of the 43rd Foundation Week. Both speakers to whom I served as ghost writers were awesome. The Freshmen students performed a dance. SPECTACULAR!!! They also had the "Sinugba Festival" where evryone can just join in and EAT!!!

  • 9.00 Left PNU, passed by the 24-hour pharmacy to get some anti-histamines. I ate a stick of grilled Isaw (chicken intestines).

  • 9.20. Home. Just in time to answer my aunt's Skype call from the U.S. Discussions of wedding details, reservations and plane ticket bookings took place.

  • 10.36 Started writing this.
This is not my regular day. In fact, with the life I live now, I cant call any day 'regular'. I have a crazy irregular sked - the price i pay for calling myself FREELANCER!!! haha!

  • 11.06 Still have a presentation to prepare for. Will be presenting BLESS to a group of pastors tomorrow. Tomorrow is another crazy packed day!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 3 - A Book that I...Just a book!

I am a book lover. I have read many books and feel it would be unfair to put just one here. Of course, there is no dispute that the Bible is THE ultimate book of all time. It is the only book that has the power to change man. I am a student of Paul. His letters are very honest but compassionate, correcting and encouraging at the same time.

For this post, I decided to write about the book I am currently reading: The Talmud and the Internet by Jonathan Rosen. I bought it from a second-hand bookstore a few months ago. I cant wait to finish it ONLY because I don't want to have a book in my rack that is only half-read. Entertainment is my sole purpose of reading. Even the word entertaining is debatable.

I am neither a Jew nor an internet buff but I have found his work intruiging; making analogies and comparisons. This book came up out of his personal retrospection triggered by the death of his Jewish grand mother. Iam half way through the book.

If I would finish this and completely forget about it, there's only one this I would never forget - that he wrote these lines as he talked about Odyssey (this was dues to his contemplation of the death of his grand mother and, well, the Internet) :
"Odysseus fruitlessly embracing his phantom mother may well be a metaphor for cyberspace, too, a realm of intimate encounters where what we long for always manages in the end to elude our grasp. " pp.55-56

Again, I'm neither a Jew nor an Internet buff, nor am I Greek Mythology fan!!

But, come to think about what he said of the Internet. "a realm of intimate encounters where what we long for always manages in the end to elude our grasp"

True, right?

*note: Late post.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 2 - Something You Feel Strongly About


I think there is redundancy in that phrase. I believe that you can not be called a parent if you are not responsible. However, in this generation, I have witnessed painted pains because some people just enjoyed the baby-making part and didn't want to have anything to do with child-rearing.

Lately, I conducted a workshop on Storytelling to Compassion teachers and volunteers. I've always been passionate about Storytelling and I make it my mission to spread the secrets of the craft, tell unforgettable stories and make other people yearn to be storytellers themselves. That's my answer to the call in Romans 10:17 "So then faith comes by hearing...". This way we can saturate this world with the wonderful story of salvation. That is my main goal.

In addition to that, I see that by storytelling we train our kids to be responsible. See, storytelling (with minimal or no props) gets their minds working; they imagine, analyze, decide. That is how we want our kids to be when they grow up - men and women who will be creative enough to find solutions, to analyze situations and then decide and take ownership of the decision. When we raise them that way, that's responsible parenthood.

I am not a parent but I desire to be one someday. I don't have kids but i have worked with kids for many years. I discovered that parenthood, though it is a lot of work, is actually just mastering the simple stuff that make up the bigger stuff. Like, if I want my kids to grow up organized, I just need to let them be comfortable with following systems and procedures.

When coming in from school, (1) take off your shoes (2) put them on the rack (3) put soiled socks in the bin. A three-step system is not complicated but once they mastered it, you can build on it the 'big' chunks of your daily work that usually stresses you. That is why again, I have considered storytelling as essential. It is a fun, no stress activity, yet the benefits are long term. That's IF, you take your storytelling session seriously.

Maybe I'm idealistic. Or maybe, I have just been around people who sunk at parenthood. Or maybe, I just appreciated very much the way our parents raised us (3 girls). No, we didnt always have a clean living room, or bedroom. Yes, we did pressure our parents to 'save' us because we needed to submit a dollhouse project the NEXT DAY!!! But, NO, we never tiptoed around the house, we never mixed fresh school uniforms with sweaty PE shirts and we never heard our parents sigh when we asked them questions. Yes, my mother is a worrier and complains a lot but in all her complaining, not one bit did we hint that it was about raising us, THREE Girls. No, not even a hint of worry that we'd come home pregnant! (By God's grace, no one has and will remain that way!)

And here's what I think are the essentials to parenthood:

1. A deep commitment to Christ - No order is possible without Him at the center
2. A deep commitment to each other - No one should bail out
3. A deep commitment to joy - No one should say it is missing

Those three things are core to parenthood. The rest just stems from them. Being a parent is a gift. I don't think we cannot refuse that gift when given to us. So, "Let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up." Galatians 6:9 (NLT)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 1 - Five Ways to Win Your Heart

So, let my day ONE be today!!!

My closest cousin tags me gullible. In that light, I must say I have been easy to win over. However, through time, I've had experiences that somehow shaped the way I think and influenced my preferences. I'm working with different groups of people and most times, warring ideas get to me. through time, I have learned the art of listening and writing down the pros and cons before making my own decision about a matter or before I give in to a request or an idea. So, as regards work and ideas, there are many ways to win me!

However, when it comes to Matters of the Heart, my preferences have not changed over the years. There are a few things that, when present in a guy, just makes my heart giggle.

1. Music. If he plays the guitar or the piano or can sing, he can put me to sleep.

2. Conversation. If a guy can spend time talking with me for hours...or maybe until 3 am, then I know Insomnia would no longer be a problem.

3. Kids. If a guy is good with kids, I assume he can also be patient with me.

4. Mother. If a guy spends time with his mother, still does errands for her despite the fact that he is annoyed, then, he can put up with me.

5. Truth. If a guy speaks the truth all the time, then I wouldn't have to worry about being cheated.

I know, I reasons sound shallow. Hehe! The fact is that:

>Music is a wonderful thing. I enjoy music very much. And I would like to be with someone who also enjoys it. I'd love to sit down on lazy Saturdays and just sing out. There are so many things I would love to sing about. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he can sing them with me?

>Conversations are life-support. It is how you get to know what the other thinks therefore, eliminating the confusions ASSUMPTIONS bring. For as long as I lived in my parents house, I woke up to the smell of coffee and the sound of the two of them talking just about everything. And as a small child, waking up to that was comfort. It still is. :)

>Kids reveal what you are made of. You can not fool them. You may play tricks but they will soon find out the sincerity of your heart. I'd love to be with a man who can be himself with kids.

>Mothers are owners of their sons. Sons who resent that would rather be away than home. On the other hand, any son who understand that kind of establishment (even with discomfort most times) would NOT resist belonging to somebody. I'd love to be with a man who is secure at the fact that someone already owns his heart ;)

>Truth is indispensable. And no man can value truth without first finding the true value of the Author of Truth. I'd love to be with a man who embraces truth because the Holy Spirit has taken over him, a man who would correct me on the basis of the Word of God, and would love me and stay by me because he remains true to the words that come out of his mouth.

Win me over!!!

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The 30-Day Blogging Challenge

Out of my earnest desire to keep this blog 'moving', I have decided to take on the 30-Day Blogging Challenge. I see many bloggers have done it and are still on it and thought it would be fun. Besides, it would be a good way to dust off my writing skills.

So, here's hoping I could scribble down everyday so i could stand up to the challenge! EXCITED!!! :)